About us

Our Goal

Israel is currently ranked as low as 89th in global Olympic achievements, with only 9 Olympic medals. So far financial support has only been given only to the accomplished athletes who have already reached Olympic qualification age. Israeli youth gifted with Olympic potential are overlooked and under-invested.

The IFOE provides the resources for top Olympic grade coaches to scout, support and train Israeli children gifted with Olympic potential. At the same time, the IFOE promotes a sporting culture of fairness and aspiration to excellence.

By offering a true opportunity for Olympic excellence across all segments of Israel’s society, the IFOE strives to grow Israel’s pool of potential Olympic athletes, thus greatly impacting Israel’s overall number of Olympic achievements from their current extremely low position. The IFOE spearheads a change in Israel’s image both at home and abroad.

Currently, the Olympic Committee of Israel supports athletes from the age of Olympic qualification. The IFOE collaborates with the Israel Olympic Committee and fills the gap between young childhood and the Olympic qualifying age by scouting, nurturing and training those with Olympic potential prior to further preparation by Israel’s Olympic Committee.

Sporting Fields

The IFOE is already actively running programs in the categories of judo, swimming, track and field and tennis. Gymnastics, beach volleyball and BMX biking are also part of the IFOE’s catalog of athletic sports programs, both within schools and as extra-curricular training. We invite you to be part of the collective effort to secure Israel’s future sporting and Olympic ambassadors of sports’ excellence.